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Geotechnical Engineering

Foundation Systems - Successful foundation analysis requires reliable data, expertise in interpretation and analysis, and experienced construction implementation. HAE has earned its reputation by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the most demanding caisson, pile, footing, and mat foundation problems.

Earth Structures - HAE has extensive experience in the design, installation, and construction of a wide variety of temporary and permanent earth structures. Our comprehensive approach to deriving solutions, whether it is for new construction projects or the rehabilitation of existing structures, involves our geotechnical, environmental, and construction services' skills.

Site Characterization/Improvement - HAE combines its extensive experience and knowledge of surface and subsurface conditions to provide a comprehensive site evaluation and improvement program. Our familiarity with the interaction of soil, structures, water, environmental issues, and construction techniques translates into the early identification of constraints on site use.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Site Assessment - HAE combines its extensive experience and knowledge of surface and subsurface conditions to provide a comprehensive environmental site assessment program. Our familiarity with the interaction of soil, water, environmental issues, and construction techniques translates into project continuity from start to finish.

Hydrogeologic Studies - HAE has successfully managed numerous hydrogeologic studies. We have combined the multi-disciplined expertise of our geologists, hydrogeologists, and civil and geotechnical engineers to develop an understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological processes in groundwater flow.

Remedial Design/Implementation - HAE offers innovative, cost effective, and timely remedial solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our multi-disciplined staff of professionals works as a team from the initial environmental site assessment through remediation phases to provide a solution. Our technical experience enables us to recommend readily available stock remediation equipment and pre-packaged systems, or to custom design solutions that meet unique site and permit constraints. Flexibility can be built into a custom system to respond to changing conditions such as temperature or water level fluctuations, differing soil types, presence of free product phases, or changes in concentrations.

Construction Services

Construction Monitoring - Our field construction services include the monitoring of construction procedures as they relate to acceptable practice, as well as the testing of materials for compliance with design specifications. Our experienced field technicians and engineers are familiar with current construction procedures and know industry standards. Working with the construction team, we can anticipate problems and offer practical solutions. In addition to new building construction, construction-monitoring services also support our environmental and geotechnical projects. The continuity offered by having one project team responsible for the entire process, from evaluation through construction, translates into efficient and cost effective project management.

Materials Evaluation - With the use of advanced field evaluation and laboratory facilities, HAE remains at the forefront of materials evaluation. Our highly skilled technical professionals utilize the most current testing procedures to diagnose materials at all stages, from product development through materials in-place. We can help you determine reasons for failure, methods for improving existing products, and new uses for materials. These services also support other HAE Practice Areas such as geotechnical engineering, the environmental sciences, and construction monitoring.

Technical Services

Haengel & Associates Engineering, Inc. maintains strong in-house resources to support our technical services. These internal capabilities facilitate project efficiency and continuity, timeliness, and quality assurance. The expertise of our technical support staff compliments our professional practices and adds a unique capability that fosters innovative solutions.

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